Brief 5: Meditation (Clare Duffin)

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Brief 5: Meditation: Clare Duffin


Research Process 

Requirements of the brief were that it was a meditation piece which should be 6 minutes with no vocals.  The client noted that they liked piano, cello, bass sounds that help to ground the body and gave two examples of music they liked.

Melody and Chord development

Retreating to my caravan in Borgue I gave myself the challenge of writing the song on Thumbjam, an app that I use in my Community Music work. This allowed me to bypass my frustrations and self criticism and had amazing fun making the track. I began with Cello and shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) and experimented recording the loop on my iPhone.

After walking along the coastline I was inspired by the sounds of the birds and wind in the trees and when came back to the song I  added a BBC sound recording of birds and trees.  After much difficulty due to poor Wi-Fi reception I sent the track to the client before the deadline.

Further Development

My intention is to continue writing meditation music incorporating my work as a sound healing practitioner and research around sound healing..

What was amazing

Retreating to my caravan for the weekend with no distractions and giving myself the space and permission to get in to the flow state.  Giving myself the freedom to utilise techniques from my professional practice in my own songwriting.

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