Brief 2: Restorative Justice (Jo Mango)

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Brief 2 – Restorative Justice: Jo Mango

Research Process 

After a morning lecture around the research Jo is doing on the restorative justice area we were tasked with a brief which I didn’t really understand.

After staring at the screen we had an hour left to pull something out of the bag and all I could focus on was what I would bring to it. I had no idea of what I was pitching was any good, however, I utilised the skills learned from an eighteen year career in the NHS as a Project Manager and I took my trusty PowerPoint and pulled together what I would want the workshop to be. 

I wanted workshop to be more interactive with the participants making the music and writing the song rather than using participants stories as creative input. I really felt that I hadn’t got what it was Jo was asking but I presented nonetheless and developed a bespoke workshop with drum circles, music medicine and sound healing.

Melody and Chord development

Although I was keen to research and develop further the ideas around the workshop I presented to Jo, I wanted to write more songs. I currently work as a community musician, so I chose to develop the themes Jo discussed regarding the songs written by the three parties involved (the perpetrator of the crime, those affected and the restorative justice team).

This led me to utilise the technique of ‘clearing’ and then going for a walk. Once I came back I completed a timed 15 free writing session to put myself in the position of all three. As I have been affected with mental health challenges my whole adult life I loved the idea of three different perspectives of my own voice.

  1. My monkey mind: my constant self doubt, self sabotage and the overthinking part of my brain.

  2. My higher self: always supports me and provides wisdom.

  3. The bridge between these two ‘voices’.

Further Development

My intention is to further develop this idea in to an EP where there will be three songs  and any proceeds from the release will be donated to Tiny Changes and Vox Liminis.

What was challenging

Going through a filmed process of ‘clearing’ before I felt able to start writing the song.

What was amazing

Retreating to my caravan for the weekend with no distractions and giving myself the space and permission to get in to the flow state.  Putting into practice the new guitar techniques I am learning at the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop.

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