Brief 1: The Golden Key (David Scott)

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The creative process started by researching and reading the original translation by Jack Zipes of Grimm’s fairytales. I looked deeper into the Grimm brother’s family life where three of their siblings had died before their father (who died in 1796, when Jacob was 10 and Willhelm was 11). Their mother died when they were in their early 20’s and this gave me insight what it would have been like to lose siblings and parents at such a young age. As both my parents have passed away this resonated with me deeply.

Further research was carried out at the Mitchell Library of German folk songs and from Valerie Paradiz “Clever Maids: The secret histories of the Grimm’s fairytales’ regarding the women who passed on the stories. As the women who collected and told the stories to the Grimm brothers passed away it became more difficult to source new stories. This led me to reflect on the desire to pass on my story to my children.

Melody and Chord Development

On the first day of the songwriting workshop we had to devise a melody with no instruments. I utilised this technique to develop the melody for the title which plays quietly through the song. My father spoke German and I have a bible which he wrote “Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen” with no English translation. This resonated with me and the idea of not knowing what was in the box led me to using the German which translates to “No master has fallen from heaven yet”. This is playing gently in the background of the song as I imagined my father’s voice speaking from heaven. As I knew I wanted to start and end the song (bookending which I learned from our first day of Songwriting workshop) with the music box I knew the notes and feel of the song. I figured out chords that would work with the melody.

Further Development

This song will form part of an EP exploring grief and songwriting.

What was amazing

Writing again after four years hiatus.


I find it difficult having to rely on others to play instruments when my skills are not at the requisite level. I was very grateful to Melisa to translate the chords and structure and play piano on the track.

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