Music Medicine & Sound Healing Facilitator

I never knew how much my life would change on my first time at Wiston Lodge training in Music Medicine with my mentors Christine Stevens (Upbeat Drum Circles) and Paul John Dear (Rhythmbridge).

With the voice of an angel, Maureen facilitates community, healing and spirituality through her use of melody, rhythm & harmony. I’ve seen her compose a chant in-the-moment for someone in need – now that’s a creative gift! I highly recommend her.

Christine Stevens
Upbeat Drum Circles

Drum Circle Facilitator

Trained by the father of Community Drumming, Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles held at the amazing Wiston Lodge I found another calling. My training was made possible by the Creative Scotland Professional Development Fund. Here are what people say about my facilitation.

Watching Maureen start to facilitate drum circles was so beautiful, from the beginning it seemed to be such a natural and intuitive process for her. If I had to pinpoint one outstanding quality, it would be her obvious joy in connecting with each and every person in the circle. Such a gift!

Maureen is a natural facilitator of both people and space. She has a beautiful and joyous presence in the circle and sets people at ease immediately. She has musicality oozing from her bones and has demonstrated the courage to step out of the box time after time to facilitate her own and others growth. In short, she is a total inspiration.

Maureen is one of life’s amazing people, who puts you at ease instantly through her good humour and great range of musical talents. Sit with Maureen and drum, or sing, or use percussion and for sure your day will be all the better.

Maureen is a fantastic facilitator. She brings such joy and energy to her drum circles. She encourages you to play and feel the music in such a way you just can’t help it.